6 Signs Your Body Isn’t Detoxing

6 Signs Your Body Isn’t Detoxing

In this article I’m going to be covering:

  • The Major Detox Organs
  • 6 Signs You’re NOT Detoxing
  • Detox Quiz to Ask Your Body

Now, let’s talk detox! I had a pretty splurge filled month where I ate a lot of sweets and a lot of treats. This month, I am really focusing on getting everything back on track and getting my health where it needs to be. So we’re talking detox. These are the six signs that you’re not detoxing. a lot of times people don’t really know exactly what detox is or, what kinds of things they should be watching out for in order to understand that their body’s not handling things as well.


Before we get into six signs that your body is not detoxing, I want to go over the detox organs. This way you guys know what’s important to the detox process. First we’re going to talk about the detox organs.


When you hear detox, most people think about the liver. The liver performs a lot of physiological things for our body, for our digestion, for our metabolism, and  especially for detoxification.If our liver is not functioning well, that’s one of the first things that will start affecting your ability to detox toxins.


The Gut isn’t one organ, it’s your whole gut system, all the way from your stomach to your small intestines to your large intestines and your colon. This is a major pathway for toxins to get out of your body. So it’s really important that your gut is healthy so that you’re able to detoxify and get toxins out of your body.


Our kidneys are super important for keeping the pH balance of our body and getting a lot of toxins out through urine and that excretion pathway. So this is another one that’s super important ,you’ll hear a lot about too when people are kind of struggling or they’ll make dietary changes so that they can support their kidneys a little bit better.


The next three are less commonly talked about as detox organs, but they’re super important too.First is the lungs. The lungs helps us detoxify by the air that we breathe and letting off carbon dioxide, so that we can keep our body balanced as well. So this is a important path way to get toxins out of our body is through the air that we breathe in and especially out.


Number 5 is our lymphatic system. This is one of my favorite detox organs. There are a lot of remedies and therapies that you can do at home and things that you can do to help support your lymphatics and your lymph system. This is especially important for people who have any sort of chronic illness or immune system issue or autoimmunity. The lymphatic system runs all throughout our body. In future posts, I’m going to be talking about things that you can do at home to help support your lymphatic drainage.


And finally, one of  my favorite detox organs is our skin. This is a really important pathway  to get toxins get out of our body. It’s also important to think about it like an access point for toxins to get into our body.Our skin is one of our biggest organs, and you have to think about it as an actual organ. It’s not just a barrier where nothing gets in or out, things that we put on our skin get into it. But also it’s a way that toxins and junk and gunk get out of our body.



The number one sign that you’re not detoxing is sensitivity to smells.

This is one that really gets me and also lets me know that I’m not detoxing very well, I become super sensitive to smells.

I can’t handle perfumes, I can’t handle like potpourri things around, especially car exhaust, pollution, those sorts of things. If you are somebody who is generally chemically sensitive, it’s important that you do extra things to support detoxification. If you are noticing that this is increasing, all of a sudden, like all of a sudden you can’t stand perfumes and colognes. It’s a thing that some people live with all the time.

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I always have chemical sensitivity but when I notice that it gets extremely worse that my detoxification systems are really struggling, that means that I have more inflammation in my body and I’m not getting toxins out properly.

So, if you become really sensitive to smells, especially if it’s increased all of a sudden, then that’s a big sign that you are not detoxing.

Number two is in your urine and your poop.

These are really important because we talked about how the kidneys and the gut are really important routes to get toxins out of our body. When we start having issues with our pee  or our poop, these are signs that we’re not detoxifying very well.

Having really dark colored urine means that you’re not hydrated well enough, but you’re also just not detoxifying through your kidneys very well. (With a few exceptions such as beets changing the color of our urine and stool.)

Then there’s this concept of the ideal poop, which has a couple of parameters to it.

The Ideal Poop:

  • Solid and well-formed
  • Shape and consistency of a banana
  • Medium to Dark Brown
  • Pain-free and strain-free
  • No undigested food or particles
  • No intense smell or odor, no gas
  • First bowel movement of the day, before noon
  • Averaging 1-3 bowel movements a day

If you’re not having an ideal poop, then you’re having issues in your gut. That means you’re also having issues detoxifying toxins and hormones. This is especially important for women as our cyclical hormones get processed and packaged and detoxify through our gut throughout the month.

Poor gut function and detox can lead to hormonal imbalance or estrogen dominance. So if you’re having issues of really dark colored poop, having constipation where you’re not eliminating and getting poop out every day, at least once a day, then you’re having a backup of toxins in your system.

On the flip side, if you’re having chronic diarrhea, then you’re actually losing a lot of really beneficial biochemicals and nutrients that are good you.

So it’s really important to have good, healthy excretions daily.

The third sign that you are not detoxifying very well is increased anxiety.

This is kind of an interesting one and a really cool thing to learn about too. I struggled with a lot of anxiety in the past. There’s a lot of triggers for anxiety, and not detoxifying is one of the major causes and triggers for it. This is for a lot of different reasons.

When we have a lot of built up toxins in our system, we can get inflammation systemic but also in our brain. The cool thing that I learned about anxiety and detoxification is that a lot of times when we have built up CO2 in our system, it can ramp up our midbrain and make us feel a lot more anxious.

That’s why deep breathing exercises and blowing air out longer than you take breaths in actually help reduce anxiety…because you’re detoxifying CO2 through your lungs!

So that’s a really cool way to think about how our lungs are contributing, not just to get oxygen in, but toxins out as well.

Number 4 is  ODOR.

I don’t mean the odor and the smells in which you’re sensitive to, but if you actually smell, yourself. If you’re releasing really bad body odor or you’re having bad breath, those are all signs that you are not detoxifying well.

I have noticed this too, especially through different weeks of my cycle or when I’m really stressed or ramped up with a lot of inflammation or I’ve been sick…my body odor and the sweat smell will change.

When I’ve been super healthy and eating clean and have low inflammation in my system and things are going really well, I don’t actually have any body odor at all!

Whether that’s from sweat or breath or whatever, you don’t really emit odors when you’re detoxifying well because those toxins are getting out of your system.

So if you’re noticing that you have really bad smelling sweat, (some people genetically have more of an issue with that than others) and you’re noticing that it’s worse for you or it’s kind of a consistent problem, you want to look into what you’re doing to detoxify and balance things out that way.

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Number five is aches and pains.

This is a big one! If you have aches and pains around your body, you are basically storing toxins throughout your body and your muscles in your lymph nodes.When you have aches and pains, it’s a sign that you are not detoxing properly.

It’s because there’s just gunk built up in your system. So you want to do things to flush out those lymph nodes and get all that gunk out of your system so that your body isn’t reacting with inflammatory cytokines to things that are in your body.

Finally, the sixth sign that your body is in need of detox is skin issues…acne, eczema, and hives.

This is something that a lot of people do not relate to detoxification and they try to find other solutions for things like topical creams and ointments for acne, Eczema and hives. However many times it has to do with our internal detox.

If you are experiencing hives, acne, Eczema, that is your body saying, “Hey, my other detox organs are not getting this crap out so I’m going to push it out of my skin!” So if you notice that you have outbreaks of acne or all of a sudden you’ll get hives in patches or you’ll get scaly skin. You may notice skin issues after you have had a little bender for a weekend. That is because your body is struggling to get that inflammation under control and get those toxins out of your body.

If you are experiencing things like acne, Eczema, hives, you want to look at the health of those six different detoxification systems that are organs that we talked about. Then you’ll find that as you start addressing those, all this stuff starts to reverse.


There is hope for people who may be having any of these issues. As you start to work on your overall health, you’re able to detox and get your body to a more balanced place. 

So to recap, the 6 signs your body isn’t detoxing…

  1. Sensitivity to smells, chemicals or perfumes
  2. Unhealthy pee or poop
  3. Anxiety
  4. Body odor and bad Breath
  5. Aches and pains
  6. Skin issues

This all can be improved!

As you optimize your detoxification pathways and get healthier:

  • Your sensitivity to chemicals and smells and perfumes will be reduced almost to a point where it won’t be an issue for you.
  • You’ll have a regular excretion through peeing and pooing
  • Your anxiety and depression will be reduced.
  • You actually will stop having body odor and no more bad breath!You won’t need to wear deodorant to cover up or always have breath mints in our handbag! The
  • Your aches and pain will melt away
  • Your skin will clear up and glow naturally!


What you can do from now on is tune into your own body and pay attention to the different things that we’ve talked about.

Ask yourself these questions and start looking for signs that you can improve your body’s ability to detoxify!

  • Are there smells that drive you crazy or give you an instant headache?
  • How often are you going to the bathroom? Do you have gas, bloating or difficulty with consistent bathroom habits?
  • Do you feel stressed and anxious? Does relaxation exercises, sleep and deep breathing help?
  • Do you have excessive body odor or bad breath? Do you need extra strength deodorant or breath mints?
  • Do you dull, vague aches and pains all over your body? Do you get headaches randomly?
  • Is your skin bright, even and glowing or do you get pimples, hives or dry, scaly patches?

Want to watch this LIVE video where I laid all of this out, step-by-step? 


If any of this is interesting, or you can relate to it, tune in to my next blog, where we’re going to be going over things you can do to IMPROVE DETOX at home..Including different foods, supplements and body work that you can do yourself to help push toxins out of your body through these six detox systems.

And please comment and let me know if you experience any of these symptoms.



Dr. Natasha F
[email protected]

Dr. Natasha F is a Doctor, Designer, Speaker and Artist. She specializes in healing autoimmunity through integrative chiropractic, functional neurology, functional medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and narrative medicine.

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