Goodness Lover: The Neuroscience of Sensitivity and Trauma (With Dr. Natasha Fallahi)

Goodness Lover: The Neuroscience of Sensitivity and Trauma (With Dr. Natasha Fallahi)

Did you know that sensitive brains look and act differently?

In this week’s Goodness Lover vodcast, we looked at the neuroscience of sensitivity and trauma with the help of Dr. Natasha Fallahi a.k.a. The Sensitive Doctor.

If you identify as a sensitive, introverted, intuitive, or empathetic person, or you know someone who is… Then this week’s Goodness Lover podcast episode is for you! This week, we sat down with Dr. Natasha Fallahi to talk about how this special group of people is often more susceptible to gut disorders, autoimmune disease, why that is the case, and so much more!

She specializes in an intuitive approach to care for sensitive people—brilliantly combining art, philosophy, and science in her practice.

And in this episode, Dr. Natasha Fallahi shared with us all about:

  • 😷 The fascinating connection between sensitivity, trauma, and subsequent illness
  • 🧠 The neuroscience of sensitivity (what is *actually* happening in a highly sensitive person’s brain!)
  • 🤕 Practical tools you can use to overcome this trauma, and how this sensitivity can actually be your superpower
  • 😯 The different types of trauma and how they are reflected in the body
  • 💆‍♀️ Treatments you can turn to to align your mind and your body

And much more that can help you discover the root cause of healing! 🎙

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Dr. Natasha F
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Dr. Natasha F is a Doctor, Designer, Speaker and Artist. She specializes in healing autoimmunity through integrative chiropractic, functional neurology, functional medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and narrative medicine.

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