The Best Green Detox Smoothie Recipe

The Best Green Detox Smoothie Recipe

Today I’m so excited to share my favorite detox green smoothie recipe. It’s the easiest detoxification trick. I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how I make it, but I wanted to start by showing you the ingredients that I use.

It’s not your average smoothie because it’s not going to be sweet at all. Actually, it doesn’t contain any fruit unless you count the avocado and lemon, so it doesn’t have over the top sugary flavor that a lot of smoothies have. It’s more of a salty smoothie that I think will be the perfect addition to your morning routine.

The Ingredients


I start with some crispy celery, add a juicy cucumber and I tend to skin it so that the skin doesn’t add a bitter flavor to the smoothie.

Next, I will add a whole lemon, avocado and then we’ll add a lot of basil leaves and fresh parsley.

In addition to that, I’ll sprinkle in Himalayan sea salt, coconut oil, avocado oil, and filtered water.

How Do Theses Ingredients Detox?


Celery– has lots of vitamin C and K as well as folate, B6, potassium, plus digestive enzymes and antioxidants. Studies have shown that it reduces inflammation and the fiber itself will help you feel full and contribute to good gut health.

Cucumber– Not only is cucumber delicious, it’s also extra hydrating. It will help recuperate some of the water in ourselves.

The magical lemon- not only are lemons high in vitamin C, which is the primary antioxidant that helps protect ourselves against damage and has a lot of polyphenol antioxidants. It also has an alkalizing effect on our body and helps balance our Ph.

Parsley- has lots of vitamins including vitamin A, C, K, and B vitamins. It also helps neutralize free radicals and protect ourselves against damage.

Basil- is a sweet, fragrant and delicious herb that has an ingredient called terpenoids, which have been shown to help detoxification and digestion in particular.

Basil supports our kidney functions and it acts as a diuretic, so it helps the body get rid of toxins that way. It also has been known to have anti all sir qualities and in addition, antimicrobial effects, which will protect us against bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold.

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Sea Salt – not only makes the smoothie extra delicious, but it helps with electrolytes and adds lots of trace minerals when it comes to good fats.

Avocado is queen! The rich fat content in avocados help absorb fat soluble vitamins like A, K, D, and E, which means that it actually helps you get the vitamins that are in this smoothie and your food. There’s also omega threes in it, which will reduce inflammation and ease digestion.

Speaking of good fats and omega 3’s, extra virgin olive oil is an excellent addition to this smoothie and it pairs perfectly with the basil.

Finally, for my favorite fat… coconut oil– coconut oil has healthy fats called medium chain fatty acids that are both antimicrobial and Antifungal. Due to the medium chain fatty acids being smaller in size, they’re processed by the liver, which means they’re immediately converted into energy instead of being stored as fat.

How to make the green detox smoothie

I begin putting about two celery stocks, half a cucumber, a peeled lemon, half an avocado, a handful of basil, handful of Parsley, and toss it directly into the Vitamix.

Nowadays, I add way more basil than I used to. Plus I add a heaping spoon of coconut oil in the middle so it doesn’t stick to the walls. I also add some olive oil once it’s all stacked in there. The last ingredient I add before blending is water.

My secret tip:  I always wait until the end to add my salt so I can taste the vegetables.

Lastly, I top it off with a little Cayenne.

I like to use a Vitamix to make this smoothie. I find that it gives me a rich, creamy, smooth texture that really makes this smoothie over the top. I’ve tried it with a couple other big name blenders and I find that it’s a little bit Chunky, but that’s just been my experience, so I use the Vitamix on high power for several minutes until I get a really smooth texture and consistency. Then I’ll fill up a mason jar with my smoothie and drink it for breakfast and carry it around with me as I start my day. It is also a great option as a light lunch. Need more of a detox boost? You can also aantro for an added detoxification ingredient. Some of my friends have also tried adding green apple for a hint of sweetness. Let me know if you make the recipe, which blender you use and if you find any modifications of the ingredients that you love.

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👇👇 Watch the video of me making this detox smoothie! 👇👇

 The Recipe

A perfect meal for a busy day. Or a great way to get good fats and greens in between meals. I love to start my mornings with this luxurious green smoothie. The basil and coconut oil give it a wonderfully sweet taste while the lemon and salt add some zing. Try varying the ratio of ingredients to experiment.

This delicious alkalinizing morning drink helps balance pH, deliver micronutrients, induce ketosis and fight infections like candida. It’s light, refreshing and creamy! Drink half on waking and other half before lunch.


          • 2 Celery Stalks (cubed)
          • 1/2 Cucumber (peeled), approx 6 inches
          • 1/2 Avocado
          • 1-2 Whole Lemon (peeled)
          • 8-12 Large Basil Leaves
          • 1 Hefty Bunch of Parsley
          • ½ Cup of Coconut Oil
          • ⅓ Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
          • 1½ – 2 cups of filtered water (depending on the consistency you like)
          • 1 dash of Himalayan Pink Salt


In high-powered blender:

            1. Toss in celery, cucumber, avocado, and lemon
            2. Add Basil and Parsley on top
            3. Add coconut oil to the center so it doesn’t stick to the sides of the blender
            4. Add olive oil and water
            5. Blend on HIGH for 1-4 minutes…until creamy smooth
            6. Add salt to taste (I like mine very salty!)
            7. Enjoy and detox!


Modifications to Try:

          • Sprinkle cayenne pepper on top before drinking for a metabolism boost!
          • Add cilantro in addition (or instead) of parsley for extra heavy metal detox!
          • Add green apple for some tart sweetness!
          • Add blueberries for antioxidants supercharge!
          • Add a scoop of collagen for a protein boost (glowing hair, skin and nails!)


If you’re hardcore and can handle the bitterness of the lemon pith, put the WHOLE lemon in without peeling for the added benefits of the lemon skin!

Dr. Natasha

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