May 7-8, 2021: Reclaim Health Summit

May 7-8, 2021: Reclaim Health Summit

Both my husband and I are speaking at an upcoming event called Reclaim Health.

My talk is all about The Immune System, Emotions and Autoimmunity!
My husband’s talk is about Neuroinflammation and The Gut!

Plus, lots of other expert speakers on different topics. I’d like to personally invite you to join us at The Reclaim Health Summit.

Register Here to get free access to the Reclaim Health Summit and your gifts

You will also get access to gifts that relate to 6 vital areas of health:

      • Mindset
      • Community
      • Diet
      • Exercise
      • Sleep
      • Stress

All of this is totally FREE just for you. This two-day event will be running from May 7th – May 8th.

Register here to get your summit access and free gifts.

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Dr. Natasha F
[email protected]

Dr. Natasha F is a Doctor, Designer, Speaker and Artist. She specializes in healing autoimmunity through integrative chiropractic, functional neurology, functional medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and narrative medicine.

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